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We understand that every writer needs a fresh set of eyes to perfect their work, no matter their level of experience. Our team of versatile experts analyzes and corrects every aspect of your manuscript, ensuring it is error-free and grammatically correct. We provide attention to detail to transport your written masterpiece to readers’ sight unlike other proof reading companies. With us you get complete online editor service.

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Result-Oriented Approach for Noticeable Outcomes

Plethora of Knowledge

We bring a wealth of editing and book proofreading services to the table with our literary professionals specializing in multiple genres.

Customized Approach

We take our time to listen to your instructions, formulate a schematic outline, and complete the project within the estimated time promised.

Communication is the Key

Effective client communication is crucial, and we offer a bespoke service to walk you through every step of the process.

Helping You Write Words that Sell

We know the art of crafting killer manuscripts that spike your readers’ interest. Edit your work to excellence with our experts.

Our Portfolio Speak For Itself

Our editor’s and proofreaders’ commitment and expertise make us proud of our work. Here’s a glimpse of some of our proofread and editing services projects.

Our 4-Step Formula of Book Editors and Professional Proofreaders

Professional Editorial Services

We perform a thorough evaluation of your manuscript and conduct a peer review to analyze grammar, punctuation, spelling, structure, and more to ensure it meets the highest standards.

professional writer service

Expert Copyediting

Our team of experienced copy editors meticulously examines your manuscript line by line, fixing errors and inconsistencies to ensure your work is polished and professional.

professional writer service

Proofreading for Perfection

Our proofreading editor focuses on correcting any remaining errors in your manuscript before it goes to print, ensuring that it is free from typos and other mistakes.

professional writer service

Collaborative Feedback

We work with you throughout the editing and proofreading process, providing collaborative feedback to help you improve your manuscript and ensure your voice is heard.

professional writer service

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  • I needed to get my book published as soon as possible, and American Book Publisher Publishers helped me do it. They were able to work with me on a tight deadline and provided book publishing services that was exactly what I needed.

    - Jeffrey Gary
  • I was impressed with the quality of the editing and proofreading services provided by American Book Publisher. My book was free of errors, and it looked and sounded professional.

    - Andrea Walter
  • They helped me translate my book in English and French from Arabic and get it published on 250+ platforms 👍

    - Areeb Riyaz
  • American Book Publisher transformed my manuscript into a masterpiece. Their editors not only enhanced the story but also ensured it remained true to my vision. This experience has significantly improved my writing skills

    - Emily Andrew
  • I recently got my mystery novel's cover designed by American Book Publisher. Honestly, their creativity impressed me. They really captured the essence of my story. The process took a bit longer than expected, but the end result was worth the wait. Will recommend them to fellow authors!

    - Taylor Martinez

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