Client Review

I have got my multiple books published by an American Book Publisher. Mike was my point of contact and he has gone above and beyond to help me with the project. Our professional relationship is only growing stronger since we are collaborating for each other’s benefit. We are currently working on the Marketing of our project. The sales are coming in and it's a good time to work with people who loves and understand you.

Author Name:   Ron Bodin

Book Name:   Paradox

Client Review

My Mirrored Soul is my published book. The process of getting the book published was indeed exciting but I had my fair share of days where I needed the emotional support that was offered to me by my project manager, Gavin. Thank you Gavin for being you. I appreciate you.
Also, thank you Demetri for your encouraging messages. Your morning messages sets the tone of my day. Always a friend.

Author Name:   Ashley Hibbler

Book Name:   My Mirrored Soul and Personal Spiritual Journey

Client Review

I am not tech savvy. I needed extra support from the team. I used to write my changes on the paper and my project manager Mike, my brother used to help me with the work. My book is published. I am very glad. Mike you are my hero. We used to have so many ups and down but at the end of the day, everything we do is worth it. Thank you for always understanding me. Making me understand the importance of team work and collaboration.

Author Name:   Thomas C. Renfro

Book Name:   The Chrysalis Christmas Tree

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